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Please see the Schedule section of the site to download the complete Conference schedule.  Times for away games will be posted later this week.






Now that we have the schedule, we need volunteers.  As you’re aware, our Board is smaller this year and already overloaded with work to keep this program going.  We do this for our children and yours and because we want to see Norwood youth sports thrive.  However, eight people cannot do this all by ourselves.  Each family is asked to volunteer one shift per season.  It really is that easy.  Remember, your child has to arrive about an hour before game time anyway, so help out then!  For example:

-If your child plays in the first game, help us set up the field, get out the merchandise, get the grill fired up – we’ll even throw in a free cup of coffee.
-If your child plays in the second game, volunteer during the game before or better still, during the game after.  Let him/her run off the rest of their energy and watch the next game while you flip a few burgers.
-If your child plays in the third game, volunteer during the second game, or stay around for 30 minutes after the last game is over to put away the field equipment or pack up the food and merchandise.


This year, we’re also asking parents to get involved with our table at Norwood Day.  Come sit with us for an hour and people watch while we sell merchandise.  Board members would also like to enjoy the day with our families and not be tied to the table all day.  Pick an hour and help us out!

Fill out this volunteer form and turn it in by this Thursday’s practice.  Beginning next Tuesday, remaining spots for our first home game will be assigned to specific teams and a team parent will be appointed to get the slots filled.  Pick your preferred slot now!  Volunteers Needed




As we watch our kids grow from entering the program to continuing their play at Norwood High School, NYFC is proud to support Norwood Mustangs Football.  Please visit their new web site to check out their upcoming fundraisers.  Your kids can be their kids one day, so let’s continue to support each other!


Like us on Facebook and stay up to date with important info on registration and other important dates, off-season clinics, and to share your pictures and experiences with NYFC!  Find us at:  http://www.facebook.com/NorwoodYFC.

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